Die Deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universal-Bibliothek enables you to search for a word, a phrase, or the first line of a poem. Searches can be limited to the works of a particular author or to a certain work.

A range of search fields is provided to help you locate individual works according to author, title/first line or literary period. Each of these search fields has a browse list to help in the formulation of searches. Boolean and proximity searches can also be used to search on combinations of keywords, or keywords in close proximity. Truncation searching allows you to retrieve documents containing variations on a search term, thus accommodating the complexity of the German language.

You can browse through the entire database using the Table of Contents. Navigation tools can be used to move between individual occurrences of your search term.

The results of your search are shown in both a Summary of Matches and a Context of Matches display, which enable you to see your search terms in their immediate context.

Illustration: the Search page

The Search page

Illustration: the Context of Matches page

The Context of Matches page

Illustration: the Full Text page

The Full Text page

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